New Arrivals Weekly!


Hi! My name is Logan Muskus. I am the founder and owner of Lolo Leisure. This idea came to mind after I graduated college in May 2020. I was included in the "Covid Class of 2020" which involved me not really knowing what the next step was. I've always been very into fashion and shopping and even have retail experience. I finally decided to open my own online boutique. The bean in the logo is significant because I actually wear it as a necklace. Anyone who knows me knows my bean necklace is my everyday staple. The bean represents life and how we all start small. Even the most successful celebrities and business people started the same, as a small little bean. I keep this mantra with me everyday as it can sometimes be easy to get down on yourself. As long as you have a dream,  the will and the motivation to achieve it, you can do anything. Welcome!

Photographer: Sydney Brodie

Sydney is an experienced and talented studio art student with an interest in pursuing photography. She is the official photographer for Lolo Leisure. Check out her talented and beautiful photography skills on her instagram @sydneybrodieart